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We provides plagiarism detection services on the world-wide level, serving a solid and trustworthy source to over 2 millions clients. Our online applications are used by numerous companies and institutions in order to find cost-efficient and easy-to-adopt solutions.

ThePlagiarism.com is formed by a number of dedicated professionals from different areas computer scientists, graphic designers, business professionals and even award-winning teachers and professors who have united their forces in their striving to assure plagiarism-free assessment solutions for the clients with academic, professional or publishing needs as well as high-quality collaborative e-learning. The main aim of our plagiarism detection service is to introduce and promote effective modern technologies in education and to stop plagiarism spreading on the web.

ThePlagiarism.com is a private company offering its services to the corporate, publishing and academic clients.

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is committed to its clients and is working on establishing long-term relationship with the customers based on innovating, constantly improving and evolving services for various needs.

We offer consequential improvements of the products that already exist, as well as introduce innovative technologies for your problem-free solutions.

Big interest from the side of their peers encouraged the team of researchers, teachers, computer scientists and mathematicians to create a high quality professional service specializing on in-depth plagiarism detection activity. A result of this close cooperation and united efforts is the uncommonly effective plagiarism checking engine. We have managed to keep the services on the highest quality level and to maintain the costs of the individual and corporate clients on the minimum. The checking process is easy and friendly to every user.

Evolving and growing during a few years period ThePlagiarism.com is now widely known and generally recognized company which is widely used all around the world to prevent Internet plagiarism spreading. Due to ThePlagiarism.com you do not have to pay for somebody else using plagiarism. With our help your grade will match the level of the writing you submit.

We also assure total privacy of our clients and we guarantee that every usage of our services through the site accessing is 100% confidential (including your personal information details and the text). We understand that a major concern the customers feel ordering any writing services is a fear of getting a plagiarized output that will lead to future problems if discovered. With ThePlagiarism.com you can check the quality of your paper and protect yourself of being accused in plagiarizing.