Reasons to Avoid Free Online Plagiarism Checkers

Reasons to Avoid Free Online Plagiarism Checkers

There is hardly anything more essential in the life of students than a reliable plagiarism detection tool they can use for their assignments and research papers. Still, if you are a blogger, it is also crucial to be sure that there is no duplication in the content of the posts; otherwise, the blogs will have a ruining impact on your career. For sure, a businessman with a website of his company will also care about the originality of its content, paying special attention to the choice of a plagiarism checker. So, if it is so important to make the right choice, will it be OK to paste your essay, blog, or post into a random free online plagiarism detection tool?

Pros vs. Cons of Utilizing Random Cheap or Free Plagiarism Checkers

It is so much tempting to check for plagiarism free and pay nothing for your confidence and security in the studies. Nevertheless, it does not sound possible. Saving a certain amount of money is an undeniable advantage, but there are always two sides in everything. We will try to highlight which features of free online checkers make them a really poor choice for a student.

So, what are the benefits of a free plagiarism checker?

  • It is available online and accessible for everybody.
  • You pay nothing for using it.
  • It is possible to check the paper for plagiarism and even get suggestions about how it can be removed to improve the efficiency of content.
  • Scanning is mostly done, taking into account the entire amount of data on the web.
  • You can see the highlighted sentences with similarities to the online or published content.

Now let’s have a look at the aspects which make utilizing free tools of plagiarism check not the best choice for the students.

  • Most free plagiarism search tools available online for free cannot detect the sources of possible plagiarism for lengthy sentences.
  • Suggested options for replacing plagiarized content are not always grammatically correct.
  • The database of a certain free checker can be not sufficiently extensive. The results of checking can be different if you are using several checkers and the difference can be impressive: 90 % vs. 10 %. It is not very reliable, is it?
  • Location of the sources detected by free checkers is not accurate.
  • The content stored by the customers can be stored and you cannot be sure that it will never be used somewhere.

What do we recommend? It is absolutely safe to use such testing applications as Using it, the students get a tool which ensures that there is no chance of being accused of plagiarism.

Responsible Data Use

A cheap plagiarism checker rarely processes personal data of the customers, for example IP address to ensure the audience insight. They may not ask for permission to collect your information and your preferences in data use are almost never taken into consideration. Only trustworthy software aims to improve the customer’s experience and take proper care of performance and functionality.

As for the content of the paper to check, the submitted text should never be stored in the database of reliable software. The customer gets a report on plagiarism analysis after the process of detecting copy-pasted parts is finalized. However, random checkers never guarantee that your information is secure. There might be great problems for the owner of the text as it can be published somewhere without any permission or consent. Violations of copyright are common for websites with limited responsibility. Think twice whether the advantage of saving is worth the risk taken.

Benefits of an Advanced Plagiarism Checker

A free checker can be effective only if:

  • the text you want to check is not an academic task which should meet the integrity requirements
  • the text you want to check is brief
  • you do testing of plagiarism search software as you want to make the right choice and get the most effective one.

If a service of plagiarism detection is reliable, it uses innovative systems of scanning and applies several layers of checking. It allows ultimate confidentiality of data and acceptance of all formats of the text to check, as well as a huge database of materials and access to online libraries to trace any signs of plagiarism. Besides, a paid service always has a support team of experts who can comment on the text and give recommendations as for further improvements.

A trustworthy plagiarism scanner from a reputable company offers such options as:

  • Processing different formats of documents (doc, .pdf, .xls, and others). Some of the tools can detect even the text captured by a camera.
  • Easy-to-use and user-friendly interface

A single click is mostly enough to start the process and plagiarized sections get highlighted with specific colors, indicated and interpreted in the report. The targeted score of every writer is 0%.

  • Availability of a customized database

If a writer needs to compare his new works against the papers written before, he can create a database of his individual texts and the scanner will use them, while checking. It is absolutely impossible with the free checkers.

  • Security of information

Authentication of reliable services serves a proof that all the texts are protected as well as the client’s details.

  • Multilanguage check is possible
  • Speed and scope of checking are impressive
  • Use of sophisticated technologies, systems of machine learning, and artificial intelligence and which ensure accuracy of checks.

It has become really tricky to stop the tendency of plagiarizing. It has become a matter of vital importance to protect the content from copying and ensure that a new written work has no duplicated content included. The credit of creation should always go to the right person and detection of copy-pasting requires more and more attention.

In fact, although there are a few advantages in getting free access to the checkers, it is impossible to underestimate the value of a professional plagiarism checker. A package of services certainly costs some money, but a guarantee of privacy policy, security of data, continuous development, and upgrades in technical details of the software is worth the money paid.

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