Terms and conditions

These terms & conditions (the “T&C” or “Terms”) govern your access and use of our Website and services at ThePlagiarism.com (the “Website”). Please read them carefully.

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ThePlagiarism.com is interpreted as the website with the said name and everything (content) that can be accessed, purchased through the said website or is contained herein. “Customer” is interpreted as anyone who accesses the ThePlagiarism.com website to use its information, order its products or services, or purchase any services or products from the ThePlagiarism.com website.

“Product” is interpreted as anything (content) that can be accessed through the ThePlagiarism.com or is contained herein, as well as the written content (paper, essays, term papers, etc.) that is purchased/ordered through the website with the said name.

General Terms of Agreement

The Customer must read and understand the general terms and conditions of the current agreement. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to understand the agreement, its terms and requirements. The customer must understand that, every time he (she) accesses the ThePlagiarism.com website, he (she) must follow these conditions and terms. The customer agrees that he (she) complies with all requirements, instructions, policies, rules, and guidelines that are being posted on the ThePlagiarism.com website, now or any time in the future. Therefore, the customer must regularly check for any updates in the requirements, instructions, policies, rules or guidelines that appear on the ThePlagiarism.com website, beyond the current agreement.


All products and services that are accessed by the Customer through the ThePlagiarism.com website or are purchased/ordered from the said website are developed ONLY as samples/examples/models for the Customer. The Customer cannot submit the products and services purchased from ThePlagiarism.com as his (her) own. In case of using any part of the product/service delivered by ThePlagiarism.com, these elements should be appropriately cited. The ThePlagiarism.com provides written products and services only for non-commercial use. Any other instance of using the product/service delivered through ThePlagiarism.com is considered as the violation of the current agreement. ThePlagiarism.com does not promote plagiarism in any form, and the customer must understand that plagiarism/cheating is only his (her) responsibility.

Legitimate and appropriate use of the products and services accessed through the ThePlagiarism.com website is regulated by the Customer. The Customer must assume the responsibility for using the products and services from the said website appropriately and legally. All products and services available from the ThePlagiarism.com website are copyright protected. The Company preserves its ownership rights over all products and services provided to the Customer, as well as all website content contained on the said website. Any case of illegal/inappropriate utilization of the products and services by the Customer is considered as the breach of the industry laws, intellectual property rights, and copyright laws.


The Customer must hold the ThePlagiarism.com company harmless and defend its rights, in case of any legal or related action that results from using the products and services obtained through ThePlagiarism.com. All court fees, attorney costs, and related expenses are to be paid by the Customer only. All actions, costs, or judgments that result from using the products and services from the ThePlagiarism.com website are the sole responsibility of the Customer. In case the Customer violates any conditions or terms of the current agreement, as well as any instructions, requirements, policies, rules, or guidelines that are being posted on the ThePlagiarism.com website, the Customer is the only one bearing responsibility for the consequences following any violation of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Right of Termination

ThePlagiarism.com reserves the right to terminate any order, at its discretion. In these cases, ThePlagiarism.com must notify the Customer and provide the full refund for the product/service ordered from the said website.

ThePlagiarism.com also reserves the right to deny the provision of products/ services to the Customer who violates the terms and conditions of the current agreement, as well as / or any rules, instructions, policies, guidelines, or requirements that are being posted on the ThePlagiarism.com.

Revisions and Refunds

The Customer must bear the responsibility for providing the full requirements, details, and instructions for the product/service ordered from ThePlagiarism.com, at the time when the order is being placed. ThePlagiarism.com bears the full responsibility for complying with the original requirements, details, and instructions submitted by the Customer. In case the final product does not meet the requirements provided by the Customer, the company will re-write, revise, and review the product accordingly. The Customer must notify ThePlagiarism.com about any such problems within the 48 hours after the product is completed. After this period expires, the sale is considered final. In case of any changes made by the Customer to the original instructions after the product is finished, ThePlagiarism.com revises and reviews the product only after additional compensation is provided. All tips are non-refundable. The payment for custom writing/editing/proofreading/rewriting/formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order. 

Communication with the Customer

The Customer must provide valid contact details, including email address, which is to be used by ThePlagiarism.com for communication. All communication with the Customer takes place via email.

All general notifications, changes in rules, instructions, requirements, policies, and guidelines are posted on the ThePlagiarism.com website. The customer must constantly update his/her knowledge of any changes posted on the said website.

Full Agreement

The terms and conditions of the current agreement, as well as any rules, instructions, requirements, policies, and guidelines that are being posted on the ThePlagiarism.com website make up the full agreement between ThePlagiarism.com and the Customer.