Monthly Package


Whether you write for a grade or for publication, whether you are an instructor or a website owner; whether you are a blogger or a publisher, you are certainly aware of the risks of accusations of plagiarism. With the explosion of the Internet, information is readily available to anyone who wishes to complete research, write content, complete academic works at all levels, and publish. At the same time, technology has made it much easier to detect plagiarism, whether intentional or not, and new laws regarding the definitions of plagiarism impact everyone. Many do not realize that, if more than three consecutive words are used from another’s writing, a charge of plagiarism may be made. There is also an every-growing body of law regarding intellectual copyright, and the use of concepts and ideas of others without giving credit can leave one vulnerable to charges.

Whatever your current position, if you need to ensure the writing integrity of yourself or others, you need expert assistance in the detection of even potential plagiarism. You need the services of, the premier online detection agency. We have several plans for our clients, but you may want to try our service on a monthly basis, at least to start.

Monthly Account Package service works well for those who:

  • are publishing a major work and do not anticipate continued and consistent use of our service;
  • are teachers/professors who will be evaluating a number of essays or papers at one point during the semester or year;
  • are students submitting several papers for different courses at the end of a semester;
  • are graduate students who have completed their theses or dissertations;
  • have designed a website and do not anticipate frequent changes.

With the Monthly Account package, you receive the following:

  • Full depth and breadth of our patented checking process
  • A re-check of previously submitted documents which you have corrected
  • An unlimited number of submissions for checking
  • Submission in a number of languages (check the “details page” for a complete listing)
  • Maintenance of the proprietary rights of the client through our specific algorithm techniques. The entire work, as it is written, will never be processed or scanned, so there is never an opportunity for another to view the piece
  • A complete report that will point out definite plagiarism issues as well as wording, ideas or concepts that are at risk for suspicion. The reports are easy to understand
  • A turnaround time as short as 12 hours for an additional fee.

NOTE: If you need an urgent turnaround time on all submissions, take a look at our other packages, as you may save money in the long run.

NOTE: Be certain to check the details on this package by navigating to its full description page

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