Student Package

Is the Basic Account Package Right For You?

If you are a student with an occasional need to check your papers and other written assignments, or a graduate degree candidate who needs to check sections of your thesis or chapters of your dissertation for any plagiarism risk, then our Basic Package may be right for you.

Features of Our Basic Account Package Include the Following:

  • You may submit a total of five documents. These may be five different documents or re-checks of the same documents – whatever configuration you determine.
  • We perform a thorough check, maintaining your proprietary rights – your entire piece will never be submitted to any automated checking system
  • You may submit in any of several languages (check the details of our features for specific ones)
  • Plagiarism reports that are thorough and point out both definite problems and potential issues. The reports are clear and easily understood.
  • All details of this package, check the full explanation page.

Important Information About Plagiarism

Educational institutions and business organization have taken a tough stand on plagiarism, primarily because laws have become much more strict and punishments far more severe. Students need to learn early that, as they move through the educational system into the field of work, their written work will be subject to strict scrutiny, and new technology allows easy detection.

Definitions of plagiarism have become much more codified as well, and include elements as small as borrowed phrases up to ideas and concepts that are not properly referenced to the original author(s).

Penalties into thousands of dollars, as well as and prison sentences, can be the consequences of plagiarism, even though the act may have been completely unintentional. The law does not consider intentions, only the act itself, especially if the writer receives any pay for his or her work.

Don’t risk the consequences of plagiarism charges, either by an instructor or another individual whose work you may have inadvertently taken. Use the sophisticated detection technology of to check all of your written work. You will sleep better at night!