Yearly Package

The Annual Package Offered by May Be Your Best Option!

You may be a student who completes a lot of research work and papers throughout the course of the school year; you may be a teacher or professor who must evaluate numerous research works by students; you may be a website owner who relies on contracted writers to provide your content; you may be a business organization that consistently relies on business plans, published reports and presentations. If you fall within any of these categories, chances are you have a need to check a number of documents and works for plagiarism, and our Annual Package will best satisfy your needs.

The features of the Annual Package at are as follows:

  • You may submit an unlimited number of documents throughout the year and up to ten in any full day (24-hour) period, as well as re-submit documents that have been corrected, for a final check.
  • You may submit works in a number of different languages (Please see detail page for a complete listing).
  • Thorough depth and breadth of checking, using our patented technology that does not compromise the proprietary nature of the submitted document. Additional checking features may be added, as you determine to be important. (These additional options are explained in the details page).
  • A rapid turnaround time, in as short a time as four hours, if you add that option.
  • Reports that are easily understood and show both direct plagiarism, as well as suspected parts that should probably be re-written, in order to avoid any risk.
  • Check the full details page with options you may add!

We realize that, while some writers engage in outright plagiarism, most documents and works contain plagiarized content that is not intentional. It is still important, however, to detect these, so that there is never any risk of charges.