Advantages of Plagiarism Checking Service

Is a Plagiarism-Checking Service Something You Need?

Before you say “NO” to this question, consider the advantages of plagiarism checking service for teachers, student and publishers.

Students: When you conduct research and use that research in the creation of your own papers and other writing assignments, you need to be extremely careful about the use of the words, ideas, and concepts of others, as you put together that final draft. While it used to be difficult for instructors and professors to check your work for plagiarism, it is now quite easy. Most institutions provide plagiarism-checking software to their instructors, so that your work can be scanned and checked, if it is suspect for plagiarism.

Your best defense against this risky situation is to submit your work to for a complete plagiarism check before you turn it in. Even if your intention has been ethical, it is quite possible that inadvertent plagiarism has occurred, and you are completely unaware of your error(s). You will receive a complete report, so that you are able to revise any sections, paraphrasing, etc., that should be referenced to an author of a work you have used. You can then correct your work and submit it in confidence!

Teachers: Part of your job is to instill within your students the concept of academic integrity and the ethical use of resources, that is, giving credit when the words, ideas, or concepts of others are used in the production of writing assignments. The use of a plagiarism-checking service will allow “teaching moments,” as you demonstrate to your students how current law can put them at risk for plagiarism charges. They need to understand the full extent of copyright and plagiarism legalities as they proceed through their academic careers and into the world of work.

Publishers: If you are the publisher of a website, blog, online newspaper or journal, books, or any other material which can be subject to copyright law, you are in a very risky position, particularly if you use contracted writers for any of your publications. It is absolutely critical that you use a plagiarism-detection service, because new laws and courts have no tolerance or sympathy for either intentional or unintentional plagiarism. You will be held liable for anything you publish that can be confirmed as plagiarism, and the consequences can be severe. You need the services of to provide the complete and thorough check of every submission before you publish it anywhere!

Teacher, students, and publishers – all of you need plagiarism detection services. Contact us today and get the peace of mind you deserve and need!