How to Make Your Writing More Engaging

How to Make Your Writing More Engaging

So, you have managed to create a brilliant hook and your readers anticipate superb content. Now you have to make the next step and convince them to continue reading and stay with you till the end. It sounds like a great plan, but you may face a lot of challenges as a writer.

It does not matter whether you are a blog writer, a researcher, or even a student working on your assignment, you are definitely eager to engage the audience and share your ideas, findings, or points of view with other people. You are not alone! There are a lot of other academics, bloggers, and writers of different kinds who struggle with the same endeavors. If you write a dull paper, your audience will not be willing to go any further than the first lines of your text. Spruce up your text and take a step away from the monotony!

Tricks that Make Your Writing Better

  1. No more Shakespearean flowery style!

Sorry, but your long-winded sentences can bore to death. It is so complicated to digest the text with lengthy phrases. For sure, we do not recommend making your texts sound primitive, but there should be a limit to complex structures in your writing. Shorten the sentences which appear too wordy and include only relevant information in them. If the phrase is concise, it produces high impact and attracts more readers.

  • Estimate the number of words in the sentence and make sure that there are not more than twenty words in it.
  • Link ideas with transitional phrases not conjunctions.
  • Make a mix of simple sentences and long clauses.
  • Cover the most important content in short sentences as the readers pay attention to them.
  1. No repetitions!

Your vocabulary determines the quality of impact your text can make. It can be diversified with various phrases and precise wording. Your readers will be tired of similar patterns and same words and you can help them keep focused.

  • Pay special attention to the organization of paragraphs to make sure that all similar topics are grouped accordingly.
  • Use effective synonyms.
  • Mix nouns and pronouns, but always double check the text you have composed for clarity.
  1. Be creative with sentence structures

Learning how to make your writing more engaging, do not forget about the variety of patterns in grammar compositions. If one sentence follows the pattern “subject + verb + several objects,” then the next one should use inversion or some other technique to prevent tedious flow.

  • Complex and compound sentences should be mixed with simple sentences. Thus, the readers will get some break from time to time and feel more relaxed while perceiving your ideas.
  • Mind not only the grammar constructions, but also the number of words in a sentence. The length of the sentences should vary.
  1. Read a lot!

Get exposed to different writing styles, expand your vocabulary, develop your skills of critical thinking, and study grammar in context via extensive reading. It is also a great way to get inspired!

  1. Always do the editing! (see the next section!)

Tricks that Facilitate Effective Editing

If you feel that your writing needs some life to breathe in, make use of our powerful editing guidelines. Thus, you will be more efficient at capturing your readers’ attention and you will create engaging content that produce incredible impact.

  1. Mind every word, starting from the introduction

A dry opening paragraph can ruin all the effect out of the following parts. Some intrigue and action from the very beginning can hook the audience and motivate them to read on. It is not easy to create attention grabbers; however, if you manage, it will be your contribution to success of your writing.

  1. No stagnant sections

Check whether your text moves forward. Even in the informative posts for your blog, you may illustrate the points with interesting stories and bright examples.

  1. Use verbs in the active voice

Most of the sentences should be in the active voice. Read through your text and make sure that only a few of all sentences are passive and that is done for a specific purpose, such as avoiding responsibility or concealing who has done a particular action.

  1. Include only necessary words

There are words which have no actual functions. Eliminate them with no mercy as you should care about the quality, not quantity.

  1. Prefer the language of action

Make the sentences gripping with powerful verbs and bright adjectives.

  1. Change the pace of telling stories

Slow down after you have sped up. Creating suspense is a great technique for any type of writing as the readers get engaged in the story and cannot skip any aspect. You should sound straightforward and simple to strengthen the writing skills.

You do realize that one of your major concerns is choosing a brilliant topic and then engaging the audience. If your writing is not appealing enough, the readers will probably get distracted after the first 50 words. Writing on the topic, you get to a point when you feel that you have nothing more to tell about. In that case, it is much better to leave it as it is than to go on writing meaningless phrases just to add to the word count. Do not forget to remind your audience the reason why they have started reading your text. Send reminders of the subject either in the beginning or the end of every paragraph and do not let your readers get distracted.

No matter what your topic is, take your readers on your journey! If you are passionate about what you are writing about, they will feel that. And then you will take care of such aspects as proper structure, vocabulary, and grammar. If you make your audience feel included, they will be your loyal readers and fans of your writing talent. Wherever possible, make an emotional connection with them and use your impact at the emotional level along with using effective techniques. Your technical skills are as important as your ability to draw people. Wise choice of words and use of the storytelling techniques can bring you to a new level of mastery. Strive for making your style perfect! Never stop developing! Remember that the limit is the sky for a great writer!

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