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You have worked on that essay or paper, you completed the research, you created our outline, and now you have written the final draft. So, what’s wrong? If you are like many truly intelligent students, you know your subject but getting the facts, ideas and conclusions on paper is another story...
The age of technology has brought much greater scrutiny to any written work which is submitted for a grade, for workplace use, or for publication. Revised laws provide for legal charges and hefty fines if one is found guilty. Unfortunately, many students and professionals are unaware of all details of these laws and may inadvertently commit plagiarism as a result...
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Definition of the term plagiarism is not sufficient to describe the heights of this offense. How many of us actually understand the meaning of this offense? If you consider it just cheating or little bit sharing of information then I am really sorry to say but you are mistaken. This offense means to copy someone else’s assignment and pretend it to be yours. People have different ways to commit this offense. Some copy things from their classmates, some steal each other’s assignments without even informing them and some just share important notes.

Majority of plagiarism is being conducted on the web from where many children copy the pre-written content from a value able website such as and act as if it has been generated by them. This is where several assignments resemble each other and examiner’s can conclude the height of this offense. This is not all many blogs and articles are being copied from each other by global advertisers. Website is like a tool using which people commit this offense and copy many assignments from around here and there.

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