Halloween Essay Ideas

Halloween Essay Ideas

Halloween is a great spooky time, and by default it should inspire writers to work on their scary stories and make the readers horrified. Still, sometimes it is really tough to create an exciting story. Do you know any magic tricks that can bring inspiration even when it is not possible even to write the first sentence? It is crucial for every writer to have a skill of creating inspiration with the help of effective techniques individual for everyone. We hope that our writing ideas for Halloween essays will be helpful for everybody who wants to think creatively but feels a bit at a loss. Our key focus is on harnessing all the excitement of the holiday into the opportunities to enhance the writing skills and get rescued from a creepy writing block that brings spine-chilling feelings. Trick or treat! It is time to start a journey into a sinister world of Halloween that can be also humorous, funny, weird, or whatever characteristics you as a writer will assign to it. 

Brilliant Halloween Essay Ideas

Nothing can help writers practice their skills, use their senses, and expand their vocabulary better than trying to engage the readers into the uncomfortable atmosphere of abnormality and eerie feeling of supernatural powers on the day of Halloween. October 31 has the greatest concentration of witches, skeletons, skulls, evil spirits, unusual things, unexpected events, and scary situations ever throughout the year. It seems to be easy to express the ideas and share experiences in Halloween writing, but it can be a challenge to bring an original perspective to such a common theme. It should be fun to write about this holiday, and we want you to feel it. 

In some cases, it is enough to have a quick look at a single idea to get your story started. Let’s try if our ideas can give you a kick-start. 

  • Having a weird doll or a stuffed toy

Toy stories can give the creeps to everyone as they are associated with the phobia of dolls and puppets. People have been playing with their dolls and other toys for centuries, and folklore of many countries has the subject of haunted dolls which resemble people. Dolls can be inhabited by spirits, and there are lots of legends that tell about cursed voodoo dolls or scary toys that take the luck away or even kill their owners and people they love. Looking human, they produce a mistakenly nice impression and then reveal their inner evil nature. 

  • A glance in the mirror that changes everything

The evil stepmother in a notorious fairy-tale was asking questions to the mirror in the wall. Narcissus was so fond of looking at his own face in the water surface that he could not ruin his reflection and died of thirst. Legends refer to a reflection of a human soul in a mirror that can take the soul out of its owner. Fantastic stories tell about portals to some other world hidden in the mirrors which bring forward a combination of ideas related to visibility and invisibility. 

  • Scary noises that cannot be explained
What can make a person terrified better than something that cannot be explained from the point of view of logics? Strange phenomena and sounds produced by something not tangible can scare to death. 
  • Clowns chasing people
A demonic figure of a clown described as an evil lunatic is typical of horror stories. Children expect clowns to be funny and harmless. They look at their smiling faces and smile back. Still, for the adults, clowns may appear to be really creepy. It is probably an impression produced by their makeup in the form of a mask. However, there should be something beyond the face expression. Try to tell your readers what makes you frightened in clowns and make them believe in your stories and feel terrified. 
  • Coming to as graveyard
What can be more sinister than coming to the place of the dead? It seems nothing can go wrong if the people have already been buried, but not in the Halloween stories. A cemetery is a perfect setting for them, deserted, thrilling, and extremely scary. 

Helpful Halloween Essay Writing Starters

Have a look at the first sentence and your mind and imagination will continue painting a picture of a new story that will impress the readers.
  1. The windows of an abandoned house not far from the place where my parents lived were nailed up, but that day they were wide open.
  2. I was going home rather late at night and a figure of a small boy on the road among the cars drew my attention at once. He looked back and I met his gaze which was not naïve at all. 
  3. It was suspiciously quiet that evening, and a terrible howl somewhere in the distance made us shudder at once. 
  4. My hands always start trembling the very minute I recollect that Halloween night of 2000.
  5. I turned around and could not believe my eyes. 
  6. Trick or treat! The voice somewhere behind me was so strange that I got an eerie feeling ready to start running away at once.

Prompts of Creepy Essay Writing

Prompt 1. You hear quiet footsteps somewhere in the attic and you know exactly that there is nobody in the house. 
Prompt 2. You keep finding your scarf under the pillow on the sofa no matter where you have left it.
Prompt 3. A little girl is missing and her dog comes back with a weird note in the collar. 
Prompt 4. All of a sudden he looked in the rear view mirror and he got frozen at once.
Prompt 5. There was something in the air that made her feel something is going to happen really soon.
Prompt 6. A sudden knock at the late hour was like a thunderstorm. 
Prompt 7. There was a shadow in the corner which was getting closer every single second.
Prompt 8. He had never seen this road so deserted but that day it looked absolutely different. 
Prompt 9. Sudden hissing of his cat made him wonder what could happen to the pet whose favorite pastime was sleeping for hours. 
Prompt 10. The clock struck eleven and that was the beginning of this weird story.
Your imagination needs some boost to jumpstart. We have given just several prompts for your Halloween stories, but we hope that you could get inspired by them! Choose the idea that can strike your fancy. Get fueled and start writing! 

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