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You have worked on that essay or paper, you completed the research, you created our outline, and now you have written the final draft. So, what’s wrong? If you are like many truly intelligent students, you know your subject but getting the facts, ideas and conclusions on paper is another story...
The age of technology has brought much greater scrutiny to any written work which is submitted for a grade, for workplace use, or for publication. Revised laws provide for legal charges and hefty fines if one is found guilty. Unfortunately, many students and professionals are unaware of all details of these laws and may inadvertently commit plagiarism as a result...
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Steps to avoid cheating and prevent plagiarism

Cheating can be defined as an offense which not only hampers the success rate of one individual but many individuals simultaneously. My above stated point is true to the best of my knowledge and can be justified by the statement expressed below. Let us consider an individual who puts in extra efforts day and night to generate a unique assignment whereas on the other hand we have individuals who are busy copying assignments of such individuals and committing an offense defined as plagiarism.

For increasing success rate it is necessary for a teacher to adapt such techniques that ensure regular success without any copying. Some teachers make sure that none of the assignments are similar to each other and evaluate accordingly in case any of the assignments are matching each other. Many teachers from the very beginning of the session declare that anyone seen with plagiarized work will be strictly punished as his/her assignment will not be considered eligible for evaluation.

As per the recent survey conducted it came into view that a student had worked day and night to generate super fine quality of work and was yet accused of plagiarism by the professor ignoring the fact that hard work can lead to success. So all the teachers in their act to avoid cheating must ensure that good quality of work gets what it deserves? For there is no doubt in the fact that we all can be much more intelligent then we actually look like. Majority of teachers handle their students in such a beautiful manner that every single child wants to be best yet unique thus eliminating the chance of cheating.

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